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2012 Tax Return

How to Find a 2012 Tax Return Copy

You filed your 2012 tax return with the IRS but now you’re being asked to find a copy of that 2012 tax return you filed. Maybe it’s the bank who is asking for a copy of your 2012 tax return. Banks often need to verify income before agreeing to refinance your home. If you are looking for a true copy of your 2012 tax return, the one that the IRS has along with millions of other American taxpayers, then you have come to the right place. ProofofTax will help you understand a few different ways you can get a copy of your 2012 tax return quickly and easily.

When the bank asks for proof of income, your tax records are often the best place to start. You can either go directly to the IRS and get a 2012 tax transcript or you can retrieve old 2012 tax returns online with our ProofOfTax. Believe it or not, it is faster, easier and cheaper to use ProofOfTax than it is to do it on your own by contacting the IRS directly. Creating an account is fast and free, and when you order a copy of your 2012 tax return, we will email you a PDF copy of your 2012 tax return right to your inbox. We can also fax a copy of your 2012 tax return if that is more convenient for you.

The PDF copy of your 2012 tax return that we provide is identical to what you submitted to the IRS. In fact, the bank will be delighted to see the exact same paperwork that you provided to the IRS back when you filed your 2012 taxes. And with a PDF, you can keep it in your inbox and print as many copies of it as you need, in case you are shopping around to different banks or if your bank misplaced your paperwork and requires another copy.

The IRS will not email your 2012 tax return directly to you, and the IRS does not even provide a copy of what you would recognize as your 2012 tax return. The IRS will mail you one paper copy of your 2012 tax transcript using the US Postal Service. This too is a valid document that your bank underwriters will recognize, although if you looked at it you would notice that it does not look like anything you have likely seen before. Of course you would have to wait for the mail to deliver it, which adds time.

If you wanted us to retrieve your 2012 tax return AND your 2012 tax transcript, we can do that too! We can email your 2012 tax return and we can email your 2012 tax transcript directly to your email inbox.

One tip we recommend is that when you sign up for a free account with ProofOfTax, you add the address to your email address book. That way you know that you will get your 2012 tax return copy in your inbox instead of your Spam. We also communicate to you via emails if there is a delay with your order, or if the IRS requests further details (for example, if you spell your name with a hyphen, the IRS might insist that you resubmit without the hyphen). If you got an error like this by submitting directly with the IRS, you may never know that there is a delay with your application, what the delay is, and how to correct it and resubmit. By using ProofOfTax, we stay on top of your submission, communicating directly to the IRS on your behalf until your 2012 tax return copy is retrieved and delivered to you.

ProofOfTax is the most popular and recommended website trusted by thousands of American Taxpayers every year to reliably obtain their 2012 tax return copies. We can retrieve copies of your 2012 tax return, copy of 2011 tax return, copy of 2010 tax return, copy of 2009 tax return, copy of 2008 tax return, copy of 2007 tax return, copy of 2006 tax return, copy of 2005 tax return, copy of 2004 tax return, copy of 2003 tax return, or tax transcript, for either yourself or for your spouse.

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